Assess, build awareness, design and deploy security systems tailored to your environment and context.

Our team has the experience and the expertise in the fields of physical protection and crisis management in both corporate and hostile environments.
Managing your business without the precaution and protection of your interests can have irremediable repercussions on your future.

Our customer relationship is established on :

  • a transparent and dedicated collaboration,
  • understanding your requirements,
  • a global collaborative approach to integrate tailor-made security solutions to your business,
  • anticipation of the feasibility of your projects in terms of threats and risks,
  • the ability to evaluate the financial costs and their returns on investment before the initiation of your projects.

Strategy and objectives

Risk management
  • Identify and discriminate threats to your environment and their deployment contexts.
  • Training of the stakeholders, to the course of conduct, an harmonized security language and operational reflexes.
  • Design, integrate and deploy active or passive security systems to lessen your grip on risk and thus make it acceptable.

Security Awareness Training

Workplace security awarness

Workplace security awarness

We design tailor-made awareness programs customized to the threats of your industry. Our objective : that the entire chain of actors acquires the right reflexes, the appropriate postures to face targeted and untargeted malicious act.

  • active shooter,
  • hold-up,
  • extortion,
  • shrinkage,
  • home & car jacking,
  • crisis management.
Personal Security Awareness Course

Personal Security Awareness Course

The awareness of employees of companies moving in unsafe or hostile areas is mandatory for all employers (single document and case law). This approach is part of the duties of precaution and protection. It must be at the heart of the strategy of deploying employees internationally.

Personal security awareness courses allow employees to become familiar with local environments and contexts; it is an indispensable factor to evolve serenely abroad. Our instructors rely on their personal experiences to train on personal security procedures, post-departure preparation, appropriate cultural codes, life-saving reflexes in dangerous situations.

Intended audience :

  • business travelers,
  • expats and their families security,
  • workers in hostile or degraded environments,
  • diplomats,
  • humanitaire, aid workers,
  • journalists.

Calendar of training courses in France (Fontenay-sous-Bois, 94) :

  • june 2019, form 4 to 6,
  • september 2019, form 24 to 26,
  • november 2019, form 26 to 28,
  • juanary 2020, form 25 to 27,
  • march 2020, form 24 to 26,
  • may 2020, form 26 to 28.
  • 2/3 Number of days days
  • 1 Number of certificates certificates
  • 2 Number of Instructors instructors
  • 15 Number of students students

Training program

We are providing our prestations on client's site in France and abroad, without any calendar contraints. Contact-us.

Day 1 :

  1. welcome / introduction Security approach and culture,
  2. risk assessment (basic principle and concepts),
  3. security assessment (case study Europe and France),
  4. personal security awareness,
  5. security at home, at work at hotels and when travelling,
  6. security with your computer and smartphone,
  7. managing insecurity and incidents,
  8. stress and conflict management.

Day 2 :

  1. travel in a high-risk area,
  2. in case of fire,
  3. violent Street Crime,
  4. active shooter,
  5. weapons and ammunitions,
  6. driving and traffic (vehicle and drivers),
  7. natural disasters,
  8. checkpoint.

Day 3 :

  1. kidnapping,
  2. mines, UXO’s, IED and cluster bombs,
  3. crisis Management.

Security Consultancy

We offer 4 solutions that address the spectrum of threats. Our collaborative "process" begins imperatively with a threat assessment phase in order to take stock of the level of risk identified and the consequences of these impacts. Follow-up is a second phase of countermeasures, and assessment of needs in order to master the operational and financial aspects. Implementation and monitoring for projects carried out safely.

Threat and Risk Assessment

Threat and Risk Assessment

This first step is the cornerstone essential to any design and implementation of security strategy. It identifies and discriminates security risks, assesses their impact in order to offer you a decision support tool and effective and pragmatic understanding. This approach allows :

  • establishment of a risk map, that is reliable, harmonized and understandable ,
  • anticipation of your vulnerabilities against targeted and non- targeted threat.


The Countermeasure phase occurs once the threat and risk assessment has been completed. A countermeasure is a provision taken to oppose an action, an effect, an event, or to prevent them. It provides operational and financial responses aimed at reducing risk levels through specific security plans.

Our goal : render risks acceptable, avoid devastating domino effects for you and your structures in order to most effectively address the vulnerabilities identified.

Deliverable : summaries of countermeasures and associated financial proposals.

Implementation and project monitoring

Implementation and project monitoring

This final phase aims to reduce risks in a concrete and global way. Integrate and manage projects in order to obtain an acceptable risk in terms of business and safety.

Conception and coordination of security systems

To protect your organizations, your staff, your infrastructures your loved ones whether you are an individual or a professional We implement security measures on :

  • the architectural aspect,
  • inflow and outflow analysis,
  • electronic and mechanical protection systems,
  • safety policies and operational procedures for all stakeholderss,
  • establishment and monitoring of your safety devices.
Fixer Team & Logistical Support

We can provide a team of fixers, advanced party and drivers ensuring the support of any type of delegations :

  • preparation and coordination of transportation,
  • complex planning management,
  • support and facilitation of contacts,
  • logistical and medical support,
  • point of contact with the official authorities,
  • provision of security drivers,
  • HD Streaming Satellite Communication Solutions - Wifi.
Travel risk management

In collaboration with your employees, we organize and secure your trips in risky areas. Our priority : to ensure the right balance between the security of your staff and the achievements of their projects. We can escort delegations in sensitive environments on all 5 continents :

  • country specific risk analysis,
  • awareness and advice to travelers,
  • post arrival deployment,
  • selection of reliable local partners,
  • security coordination of living and traveling areas and activities,
  • daily security briefing,
  • security Plans - Emergency or Crisis Management,
  • H24 7/7 monitoring in dedicated operational room.
Executive protection

We offer global support for your security through the action of different security plans according to your contexts and your environments; whether your exposure to threats is permanent or occasional. Our dedicated team owns :

  • the background of operations director, team leader and operators; internationally, according to recognized standards,
  • the dedicated material : radio communication, encrypted GSM, satellite phone, emergency medical equipment, personal protective equipment.

In France and abroad, our partners have the necessary licenses issued by the governments in private close protection. Our controlled solutions are in accordance with the laws of the host nations of the mission.

Our goal : to respect your lifestyle as your professional and personal imperative.